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TrueSource Understands the importance of 


Tenant Screening

Once you tenant moves in it can be very difficult to move them out again, and once they are gone you could be left not just cleaning their mess, but possibly rebuilding the property.

That nice young man who showed you his bank balance of $50,000, might decide to buy a speedboat rather then pay the rent. The son of that nice lady banker might start a meth lab on your property or the young lady starting university might disappear leaving you legally responsible for the personal property she left behind.

Let TrueSource screen your applicants before you sign a lease. We can verify their income, check references from past landlords, look at credit history and search for criminal history. Let us find the warning signs that can help you avoid unnecessary cost and stress.

What will this services cost you? Nothing. TrueSource can charge the applicant directly for the cost of the screening when they apply.


Your True Source for pre-employment or tenant screening.

Unsure if TrueSource can meet your needs? Do you have questions about us or screening in general? Why not give us a call or send us an e-mail?      Click Here:

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