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If an applicant is unable or unwilling to fill out a form online TrueSource can take their information from a written form.

You can provide the applicant with one of the two forms accessible on the right, or with a form of your own. If you chose to utilize your own form please ensure that it includes the applicants:

  • Signed Agreement to be Screened

  • Full Name

  • Social Security Number

  • Date of Birth

  • Current Place of Residence

Tenant Application

Print and provide this form to prospective tenants if they are unable to fill out the online application form. Please use the online application form instead if possible.

If you wish for TrueSource to verify income, rental history, employment history or other references please ensure that that any form provided also includes necessary contact information for such parties.

Once an applicant his filled out a form please submit it to TrueSource via our secure upload link:

Or fax the application to us at: 888-246-9959

Release of Authorization

Print and provide this form to non-tenant screening candidates if they are unable to fill out the online form. Please use the online form instead if possible.

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