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TrueSource screens applicants for rental properties and employment. 

We can help you avoid employees and tenants that could cost you money.

Simply sign up for an account. Direct your applicants to the secure application link we provide, and review the report we generate for you. It's as simple as that.



Your True Source for pre-employment or tenant screening.

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I'm already a client.

Login to view and print reports on your applicants, or click a button to obtain links and forms to give to your applicants.

I'm a prospective client.

Take just two minutes to fill out our new client form and start using us today, or click the buttons below to find out why you should.

I'm an applicant.

Has a landlord or Employer sent you to us for screening?

All you need to do is fill out the appropriate form, Click the button below to get started.

Need help?

Call us at: (888) 546-3588 or e-mail:

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